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5 ways to improve the candidate experience

To successfully recruit in Europe, it is useful to know what the target group in the country in question thinks is important. Certainly in international recruitment, expectations vary greatly from country to country. These five points are important in all European countries. Read here the most important points of European candidates or download the whitepaper for more insights.

1. Communicate regularly

Candidates like to receive regular updates during the recruitment process. For example, send the candidate a personal response when you receive an application. This can also be an automated email, but the message should mention the name of the candidate and refer to the vacancy in question.

2. Explanation in case of rejection

Call the candidate in the event of bad news, especially if they have already been interviewed once or twice. You should also provide an explanation if the candidate is not accepted. Candidates often appreciate this and this will allow you to still give the candidate experience a positive ending.

3. Short and transparent procedure

The more time you ask of a candidate as a recruiter, the greater the chance that they will quit. Let the candidate know in advance how long the application process will take, how many rounds of interviews there will be and how long each decision step will take.

4. Easy procedure

Candidates want to apply as easily as possible. Make it easy for candidates to give you their CV and fill in some personal details. Also make sure that candidates can apply well via their mobile.

5. Ask for feedback

How did the candidate experience communication during the process? Why do candidates not accept the offer? Would they recommend friends or family to apply to the company? This will give you a good insight into the candidate experience and allow you to discover areas for improvement.

Download the whitepaper

About the whitepaper

The whitepaper ‘Candidate experience in Europe’ is based on our survey into European labour market target groups, the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM). The survey was conducted in 28 European countries.

The Intelligence Group research shows that the expectations of European candidates differ enormously from each other. In international recruitment it is important to investigate the individual situation of each country. You can gain international insights by using the European Recruitment Dashboard. 

Would you like more information about what the European Recruitment Dashboard can do for your organisation? This gives you access to data from 28 countries and 500 professional groups to improve your recruitment strategy on the European labour market. Request a demo.

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