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15 insights into the candidate experience of Europeans

The candidate experience is becoming increasingly important for jobseekers and potential employees when choosing a new employer. What does the target group think is important when looking for a job? And what are the major differences between European countries? The whitepaper Candidate Experience in Europe gives insight into the differences of Europeans on the labour market.

More personal feedback

We focus in the whitepaper on fifteen different components of the candidate experience. Almost half of the European respondents consider personal feedback on their application to be the most important, but between European countries are major differences. For example, 75% of candidates in Estonia consider this important, but in countries such as Lithuania this percentage is just 20%. Also respondents would like to hear an explanation from the recruiter after a rejection why they have not been hired for the job and give a preference to a short application process..

European candidates also have expectations regarding the length of application documents, the average duration of the process and the number of rounds. The duration of the process in particular can influence the candidate experience. 

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About the whitepaper

The whitepaper ‘Candidate experience in Europe’ is based on our survey into European labour market target groups, the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM). The survey was conducted in July 2018 among 60,000 respondents in 28 European countries.

The Intelligence Group research shows that the expectations of European candidates differ enormously from each other. In international recruitment it is important to investigate the individual situation of each country. You can gain international insights by using the European Recruitment Dashboard. 

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