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1.8 million Europeans would like to work in Stockholm

Stockholm has been chosen by 1.8 million Europeans as their favourite city to work in. The Swedish capital is ranked 16th and competes mainly with Oslo, London, Malmö and Copenhagen on the international labour market, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor.

We see that Stockholm is particularly popular among highly educated people and European talents from the surrounding countries. For example, the Swedish city is popular with Latvians, Finns, Estonians and Norwegians. Remarkably, the city is also popular with Portuguese. Of the Europeans who are open to migration, 39% would like to move to Stockholm. What is the main reason for going to Stockholm? Getting to know other cultures stands out from the rest. In addition, gaining work experience, the possibility of increasing the experience and getting to know new people are above average important for this target group. Would you like to read more about the attractiveness of Stockholm in the European labour market? Then download the complete city report

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