Top 10 favourite employers in Switzerland

This time we have researched the top 10 most favorite employers in Switzerland. What do we see? Google is once again number 1. Followed by Nestlé: the world's largest food company, headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. Novartis is ranked number three. Novartis is also a Swiss company that mainly produces and sells medicines. Novartis also has its headquarters in Switzerland: Basel.

Paris popular for starting an international career

Paris is one of the most favorite cities to work in, after London and New York. About 6 million Europeans chose Paris as their favourite city, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor. 

What are the most popular job boards in Belgium?

VDAB in full: Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding is the employment service of Flanders and the number one job board in Belgium. VDAB helps the Belgian labour market by providing thousands of jobs, handy online tools, training or guidance when a Belgian is looking for work.

Who are the most favourite employers according to IT professionals?

Research by Intelligence Group, including more than 60,000 unique respondents in Europe, shows that Google is the most popular employer for IT professionals, followed by Microsoft and Apple.

Clear signals that the labour market is now really cooling down

The signals that the labour market in the Netherlands is cooling down have become clearer in the first quarter of 2019. The latest figures from our Dutch Labour Market Survey from the first quarter of 2019 show that the number of issued permanent contracts is again declining. For example, 36% of new employees received a permanent contract, compared to 43% in the previous quarter. The number of temporary contracts is increasing.

Recruitment costs on average 4,494 euro

In a labour market with high demand and a lot of competition in order to hire the best, some employers are able to hire workers and reduce the number of bad hires. They do this at much lower costs and in a process that is almost twice as fast. According to our recent recruitment survey, these successful employers have three common characteristics.

50% of the most popular employers in Italy come from their own country: Eni is number 1

Intelligence Group research shows that Amazon and Google are number two and three as favorite employers in Italy. One of the ten largest oil companies in the world, Eni, is Italy's favourite employer. Eni is an Italian energy company that was founded in 1953 and now employs approximately 84,000 people.

Munich popular among Eastern European men

About 2 million Europeans chose Munich as their favourite city to work in, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor. The main reason for working in Munich is to raise the standard of living.