Update international research: New data from Belgium and Germany available in August. Asia at the end of Q4 on the roadmap

After America was added in June, the European Recruitment Dashboard will be updated in August with new data from Belgium and Germany. This data will be updated and increase insights into the target groups.

Berlin is in 4th place as the most favorite city to work in Europe

Berlin has been chosen by 5 million Europeans as their favourite city to work in. The German capital is in fourth place and competes mainly with London, Paris and New York on the international labour market, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor. 

Enough women available for Facebook's ambition to attract more women

Facebook wants to increase the diversity within their company. They aim to double the number of women in the company globally. In Europe enough women are interested in working for the company. The social media platform was chosen by 253.000 women as a favourite, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor.



The top 10 most scarce occupations on the European labour market

ICT Managers, Managing Directors, CEO’s and Software Developers are the scarcest professions in Europe. In almost every European country it is very difficult to recruit them. Almost everywhere, because ICT Managers in Greece and Sweden have a normal feasibility to recruit. The least scarce occupations in Europe are Journalists, Linguists, Primary school teachers and Cultural professionals. This is the result of analyses and algorithms by Intelligence Group, based on the European Recruitment Dashboard and the Eurostat data.

3 leaders du marché en Belgique: VDAB, Leforem et Actiris

La plateforme d’emploi la plus utilisée en Belgique est VDAB, mais ce site est surtout populaire en Flandre. En Wallonie, le site internet leforem.be est le plus employé et à Bruxelles, actiris.be est numéro 1. Il existe de grandes différences régionales en Belgique; que vous veniez de Flandre, de Wallonie ou de Bruxelles fait donc toute la différence.

The Danes are progressive, what can we learn from the top 10 most favorite employers in Denmark?

At the time of the Vikings, Denmark was one of the most powerful countries in Europe. The Danes played a dominant role in the region. The Danes are regularly ahead of their time. Reason enough for us to look at the top 10 most favourite employers in Denmark with their number 1: Novo Nordisk.

Danskerne er progressive, så hvad kan vi lære af de 10 mest foretrukne arbejdsgivere i Danmark?

Aene dette er tilstrækkelig grund til at se på de 10 mest foretrukne arbejdsgivere i Danmark, hvor nummer 1 er Novo Nordisk.

Η εταιρεία Παπαστράτος, θυγατρική της Philip Morris International στην 1η θέση

Holidays are approaching, the mercury in the thermometer is increasing, reason for us to look at the top 10 most favorite employers in Greece this time.